feat. Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, Tarq Bowen and Alice Boman

An orchestra-fuelled explosion of raw live music

The Coveryard brought its restless blend of invention and virtuosity to Battersea for a night of musical extremes.

Our 22-piece orchestra and choir shared the stage with some of London's most exciting alternative music artists, from the intimacy of Alice Boman's lo-fi pop to Tarq Bowen's powerhouse blues-folk.

The evening included richly scored covers of familiar songs by James Blake, Björk and the Strokes, and culminated with a set from the mesmerising trad-folk duo Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker.


The Coveryard Performed at Testbed 1, Battersea, on 10th October 2013

Guest Artists: Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, Tarq Bowen and Alice Boman

the coveryard ORchestra & Choir:
James Andrewes, Thom Andrewes, Jeremiah Crawley, Rebecca Crawshaw, Jack Durtnall, Sophie English, Emily Granozio, Jo Harries, Kate Huggett, Owen Hughes, Tom Huet, Sarah Latto, Rhoslyn Lawton, Caelia Luniss, Joseph Malpas, Georgina Moriarty, Stephen Peneycad, Caitlin Proctor, Eloise Riddell, Josephine Stephenson, Gene Taylor & Rosie Turton